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Land - Weeds

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SEQ Catchments Land program - weeds - Cats Claw SEQ Catchments Land program - weeds - Mickey Mouse plant
Weeds are recognised as major threats to Australia's natural environment and farming systems.

In agricultural landscapes the combined production and management cost of weeds to Australian industries is estimated at $4 billion a year.

In natural areas introduced weed species can have a ‘suffocating’ effect on local ecosystems and outcompete native plant species, impacting habitat for native fauna.

In South East Queensland, weeds affect a range of landscapes from productive grazing lands to endangered subtropical rainforests and creek lines (riparian areas). Common weeds include grassy species (e.g Giant Rat’s Tail), shrubs (Lantana), canopy killers (e.g Cat’s Claw Creeper) and trees (Chinese Celtis). 

We work across the landscape with land managers and partner organisations to:

  • Identify priority areas across South East Queensland suffering from weed infestations. 
  • Provide advice, training and funding for land managers around classification of declared weeds, identification and physical, chemical and biological control methods.

Crusade against cat’s claw creeper

Cat’s claw creeper was originally introduced to Australia as an ornamental plant, its bright yellow flowers, rapid growth and hardy nature making it attractive to gardeners; it was often used to keep outdoor toilets cool and shady!

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