Land - Erosion

Land - Erosion

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Erosion is a serious issue in South East Queensland. Erosion contributes to the loss of infrastructure and fertile land, washes soil and sediment into creeks, rivers and the bay, and even threatens Brisbane’s water supply. 

What is Healthy Country?

'Healthy Country' is a program that focuses on ways to reduce sediments and nutrients entering our waterways from our catchments.

The program currently focuses in the Upper Warrill Creek and Pumicestone Passage catchments.

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During the 2011 and 2013 floods many landholders experienced extreme erosion impacts on their land. The amount of sediment washed into Moreton Bay during the 2011 floods alone was estimated at 1.04 million tonnes – this is three times the yearly average (modelled by Griffith University ( 2013)).

Reducing erosion requires collaboration between people and organisations living and working in the landscape of South East Queensland. We work closely with landholders and partner organisations to identify and restore eroded areas on public and private land in South East Queensland.

Together with technical experts, we work to:

• stabilise badly eroded creeks and establish healthy vegetation along our waterways.

• address paddock erosion like gully’s and tunnels.

• provide advice and training for land managers on practices that help control erosion, such as maintaining healthy pasture cover.

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